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Apple garden bath powder 200gr

Apple garden bath powder 200gr

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Enjoy a relaxing and renewing bath with our bath powder. In addition to giving you sweet moments of relaxation, its exclusive formula tones your skin and improves metabolic processes in the tissues. Likewise, it eliminates impurities and toxins, leaving you with a feeling of freshness and cleanliness throughout the body.

Adding the powder to water transforms it into a smooth milk that will help you unwind after a busy day. In addition, the powder dyes the water a pleasant green color and gives it an incredible pearlescent shine that will enhance your bathing experience. Its green apple aroma will fill the room, creating a fresh and revitalizing atmosphere.

If you are looking for a way to relax your feet or hands, our bath powder is perfect for you. With just one packet, you can enjoy multiple applications in a foot or hand bath, using the powder as a base for a revitalizing experience.

Do not wait any longer to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing bath. Try our bath powder today and feel the difference in your skin and well-being!


Means of application : Pour the contents of the bag into a bath filled with lukewarm water.

Safety measures : Individual sensitivity to the components included in the composition of the cosmetic product is possible. Before use, it is advisable to perform an individual sensitivity test. For external use only.

Storage conditions: At temperatures from +5˚С to +25˚С, avoiding direct sunlight.

Expiration date : 24 months from the production date.

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