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Soap "Honey with milk" 100gr

Soap "Honey with milk" 100gr

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This mild soap will be the source of your romantic mood. As you may have guessed from the name, its main ingredients are milk and honey. They also give the soap a beautiful caramel beige hue.

“Honey with milk” delicately cleanses the skin, making it softer and more tender. Honey enriches with vitamins, normalizes the sebaceous glands, soothes irritated skin and fights rashes.

This soap can be used on the face. It is suitable for everyone: adults (including those with sensitive skin) and children.

Important: do not use if you are allergic to honey!


Mode of application: Lather the soap and spread it all over the body with massage movements. Wash with water.

Precautionary measures: Individual sensitivity to the components that make up this cosmetic product is possible. Before use, it is advisable to test the individual sensitivity. For external use only.

Storage conditions: At temperatures from +5˚С to +25˚С, avoiding direct sunlight.

Consume preferably before: 9 months from the production date.
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