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Shower gel "Bubble Man" 200ml

Shower gel "Bubble Man" 200ml

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A child lives in every man: a cheerful, mischievous and adventurous fellow. This one will definitely not resist our Bubble man shower gel! It smells like the legendary chewing gum from childhood, brings a portion of vitamins and charges with a serene mood.

Almond seed oil as part of the Bubble man gel will deeply moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and smooth, and valuable macadamia oil will help you forget about irritation and inflammation. In this gel we have added the vitamin of youth, vitamin E, which stimulates the processes of cell regeneration and renewal, preserving and maintaining the beauty of the skin!


Mode of application: Apply a small amount of gel on a sponge or pour into the palm of your hand, massage carefully all over the body. Wash with running water.

Precautionary measures: Individual sensitivity to the components that make up this cosmetic product is possible. Before use, it is advisable to test the individual sensitivity. For external use only.

Storage conditions : At temperatures from +5˚С to +25˚С, avoiding direct sunlight.

Consume preferably before: 12 months from the date of production. After opening, no more than 6 months.
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